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We launched Perform Path to help your organization protect your performers and those they inspire.

Everything began with an innovation project at the NBA's Orlando Magic in which our founder took on the challenge to protect the players from dangerous pathogens. The team was concerned about germs and viruses that could affect players missing games, especially pathogens that are becoming resistant to drug treatments and chemicals. It was simply lucky that the project took place more than a year before the global coronavirus pandemic.

The same simple challenge exists for your sports organization today; what simple disinfection strategy will help you protect your team and build the innovative story that helps you win recruits and support?

The answer for the Magic and for many others is UV, ultraviolet light. Specifically we helped install Violet Defense smart UV disinfection technology.

The process taught us a lot about infectious disease control and turned us into such believers in the product that we became an authorized distributor of Violet Defense. Perform Path distributes Violet Defense UV disinfection technology for public and international sports organizations and the governments that support them.

We're not in it for a pandemic, we're in it for the long run as evidenced by our project prior to the global coronavirus pandemic.

We dedicate a percentage of our revenue to donating funds or gifting Violet Defense disinfection units to groups of people at the margins of society who deserve pro-level protection.

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